FINDING MOJO with Zana and Nico ―

In Finding Mojo, we will guide and inspire you to grow as an individual and find the balance to lead a meaningful and contented life.

In each episode, we will share stories with key learnings that you can use as practical tools in navigating your life’s journey. We’ll touch on all aspects of life – relationships, career, and finance.

We hope you’ll seek to find the balance with your eyes wide open and take every challenge that life throws at you as an opportunity.

This podcast is brought to you by BSA Solutions Inc. for the Millenials-on-the-go in Cebu, Philippines.

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Get ready to read the brilliant mind of one of the country's fastest-rising rappers, Cookie$.
From his humble beginnings learning to play music in church, to quickly blossoming into a rock drummer, Job (in real life) went through a major speed bump after moving to Atlanta, thus putting a stop to his music career in the Philippines.

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Margo Frasco, a successful entrepreneur, radio host, and dance and performing arts director.
Her burning passion for music, dance, and performing arts led her to start MDF PRODUCTION, with a theatre studio in Cebu City, available for everyone – THE CORE (Calm Oneself Release Energy).

Finding Mojo with Zana and Nico Season 1

Joe Vincent Medrano, is one of our modern-day road heroes. He provides daily ease and comfort for commuters as one of our dynamic and energetic Angkas bikers - like a Grab rider but on a motorbike.


We spent an afternoon with Clyde Maratas. His passion for quality service, sound business acumen, and undeniable charm have won him more clients, and dare we say a "Poster Boy" candidate for his company, IntelliCare.

In this episode, Zana took us down memory lane, how Team BSA started at the same time as COVID-19 and how they navigated through it, but with a positive impact.

Luis's love for writing, poetry, and songs has led him to be a lifestyle editor. He started at SunStar as an intern and now as an editor covers a mix of subjects - lifestyle, sports, and many more.